Our vision

At Dalamula Technology, our mission is to transcend reality and awaken the potential of virtual existence. We strive to create stunning and realistic virtual humans that captivate audiences and blur the line between the real and virtual world. Through our innovative technology and creative solutions, we aim to redefine the way people interact with virtual content and provide endless possibilities for businesses and individuals alike.

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Team story

Dalamula.AI was born out of a passion for harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and large language models to create a new form of existence – virtual humans. Our founder and co-founder, Will Guo and Francis Fu, brought together their expertise in blockchain technology, big data, machine learning, and computer science to form a team that is as diverse as it is dedicated.

Will, an investor at OP Crypto and a co-founder of Moonearn Blockchain Technology, is a passionate advocate for AI technology, with profound knowledge in Transformer architectures and various LLM structures. Francis, the COO & Co-founder at Topsound technology and previous Data Science Lead at DiDi Global Inc., is a technology entrepreneur with one successful exit. He has extensive work experience in Canada, Singapore, and China, with a decade of accumulation of product and technological expertise in the field of big data and abundant experience of successfully implementing and operating AI products & BI products from 0 to 1.